Dallas Frame Plating, Welding & Custom Body Fabrication Services

From restoring a classic to restoring a car's measurements to factory specs, we have the professional equipment, training and know how to deliver you a top notch repair. Your cars' frame provides the core strength and stability to your vehicle. In addition to plating and welding services, we also provide custom fabrication of framework to frame and unibody types. Our state-of-the-art 360" truck revolution frame machine is one of the largest in the metroplex, capable of comfortably fitting larger vehicle types up to 22 feet. We'll compare your vehicles set back to the factory specs and measurements and diagnose and report to you the problem and solutions to return it to proper specs. We specialize in classic automobile plating and framing.

Dallas Paint and Body Shop & Quality Restoration Collision Repair

Quality Paint and Body Repair

At Dallas Suspension, Alignment and Frame Co. we work with many nationally known insurance companies to restore your vehicle from damage it has sustained due to a minor or major accident. We'll do our best to save you money on your deductible while still using quality original and after-market parts. And because we do everything in-house, your car stays on premises from start to finish. We have a fully enclosed professional paint booth. We also work with nearby car rental shops and have towing partners for all your car body repair needs. We use quality Dupont PPG paints to match your vehicles color and shine.

Frame Repair & Alignment Services InHouse and OnSite at our Facility

The undercarraige framework of your vehicle is what provides the core strength to your vehicle and is what makes those components connected to it wear better and function properly. Even a minor car accident can result in hidden frame damage. A bent or damaged frame is capable of causing havoc to your car's suspension, and therefore your investment. Our frame machine - one of the largest in the metroplex - is one of the tools in our arsenal that we use to repair, correct or adjust your vehicles measurements to factory recommended specifications. Because we provide full undercarriage services, your vehicle's repairs are all done on site, by a technician who is already familiar with your car's repairs. After we have corrected your car's frame, we then set out to precisely align it back to recommended specs for your automobile according to factory specs.

Auto Frame Repair Facts

We like to allow our customers to be informed about repairs done to their vehicles and answer a few questions below:

How can you tell if you need frame repair?

The most obvious cause of frame work damage is that from a vehicle that has been in an accident. Major accidents can cause major damage to the core stability of your vehicle. But sometimes what one perceives to be a minor accident can also result in a bent frame. A bent frame compromises other components that are connected to the vehicles frame. You really can't be completely sure until you view your car from underneath, which for safety reasons requires it to be stabilized and lifted. And many times you still can't tell until you remove some components blocking clear view of the frame section in question. Yes, we've even had occassion of a teenager "borrowing" a parents car, hitting a curb too quickly and or a pothole too hard and causing frame issues. You just can't be sure until you have a professional look over your vehicle.

What causes frame damage?

Besides car accidents, other factors that cause frame damage includes: heavy loads that can crack the frame, activities like four-wheeling, driving your vehicle hard, big tires and frames, gearbox and shock brackets.

What is your body repair process ?

We employ the same process as your standard body shop. What makes us different is that we are able to keep all the repairs in house because of all the services we provide. You'll receive the same care and quality as you would from a pricier auto body repair shop. We begin with obtaining an estimate, working with you and your insurance provider to deliver your vehicle to it's previous state, we review recommendations with you and we begin and complete the work. We also offer towing and car rental partners to make your experience as pain-free as possible.


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