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From rugged all-terrain trucks and SUV's to show stopping aggressive appearances, we've got the kits, parts and expertise you need to get your vehicle above the rest, literally! Our installation services include recommendations to what system is best suited for your particular handling needs and vehicles stance to control and suspension requirements you're after. From shocks to struts, we've been lifting trucks and selling kits for DFW's most demanding consumers.

Lowering Truck Drop Kits for the Cool Factor: Dodge, Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Nissan Experts

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At Dallas Suspension, Alignment and Frame Co. we've converted many cars and trucks into lowered vehicles. Whether you are wanting a cool lowered look or in the show circuit, we have the knowledge to install drop kits, systems and components to achieve what you are after. We sell & recommend the kit and parts that are best suited for your vehicle and your need. And we'll install a kit that still provides you with riding performance. Ask about our kit price matching!

Dallas Lift & Leveling AND Lowered Car & Truck Install Kit Leaders, From Chevy to Ford to Toyota - we sell & install pro body kits!

We have access to the leading manufacturers of quality parts, kits, specialty accessories, wheel and tires in the nation. We are familiar with the after market brands that are specifically designed and engineered to fit your particular make and model. Our expertise in the field has show afficionados and those just wanting to enhance the appearance of their vehicle trusting us to deliver a vehicle to their liking with performance, control and safety in mind. Keep in mind that larger tires wear faster and larger rims can make suspension and alignment work needed more often. So proper care and maintenance is recommended. Most of our requests are for Chevy, Ford or Toyota - but offer top quality installation on all makes and models such as Kia, Scion, Honda and more.

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Bring us your kit and we'll install it. Or let us find the right kit for your Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Toyota, GMC, Nissan or other truck.

Lift, Level & Lowering Body Kit Information to Consider

Whether you're entering a car show or just appreciate the look of a lifted or lowered vehicle, it's important to have a well thought idea of what you want before purchasing any lift/lowering system. Our vendor partners can help you obtain the accessories to make your vehicle look exactly how you envisioned. Come talk to us before you make any purchases so that we can make any recommendations to sizes and parts best suited to your particular vehicle before we install your kit.

What do I need to know about truck lift and leveling kit installation?

Most people tend to add lift kits to trucks. A factory spec truck's front end is usually slightly lower than the truck end because manufacturers build trucks for the demands of carrying heavier loads which in turn levels off your truck. A lift kit is basically an after market system that provides your truck with more height and/or a more level appearance from front to back. It's important to get your truck lifted first to suit your preference, before purchasing your tires. Also be aware that the new height of your truck may not allow you to use a standard residential garage and other low ceiling structures. Ask about our local tire and wheel partners with access to hard-to-find products and accessories.

What do I need to know about installation of lowering car and truck drop kits?

Understanding the look you're after before you invest in tires and kits can help you from making costly mistakes. Lowering your car or truck has the visual benefits of having a car unique to your own style. In many cases, you can even improve cornering stability. There are some things to consider as well. After lowering your vehicle, know that your vehicle's newly lowered height can cause dragging or even undercarriage damage when driving on raised surfaces, such as speedbumps or inclined drives such as in a parking garage. We partner with several local tire and wheel partners so that we can help you achieve the look you're after from your installation.


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